This Metric will display the level of engagement for visitors to a specific URL with a breakdown by browser for all sessions over the last month.


  • Segment: Everyone
  • Metric: Ratio of unique sessions where a user changed anything to the total number of sessions for visitors to a specific URL
  • Options: Group by Browser


  1. The Everyone segment is already saved by default in your Fullstory account.
  2. Create and save a new Metric called “% of Engagement for Market Shoppers by Browser” using the count of unique sessions when a user changed anything divided by the count of unique sessions to the market page.
  3. Select the Everyone segment and set the time period of the past 30 days with a daily interval.
  4. Compare session volume by browser by grouping by Browser. Change the group by to Browser Version for an alternative option to view engagement breakdown by browser version number.
  5. Click play to watch related sessions.

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