Adding Fullstory as a CocoaPods Pod

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About this article

This article provides setup steps for adding Fullstory as a CocoaPods Pod. 

CocoaPods Installation: adding the Fullstory pod

For iOS applications that already use CocoaPods, Fullstory distributes a pod specification that you can integrate directly into your existing Podfile

Follow these steps:

  • In your Podfile, in the section for your app's target, paste this line:

pod 'FullStory', :http =>

  • Run “pod install
  • Add a build phase for Fullstory's asset uploader
    • In the project navigator, select your app's project
    • In the editor panel, select your app's target
    • Choose the Build Phases tab
    • Chose Editor > Add Build Phase > Add Run Script Build Phase
    • On the new “Run Script” phase, double-click on the “Run Script” label and rename to “Run FullStory Asset Uploader”
    • If it’s not already, re-order the build phase so it’s the last step
    • Click the disclosure triangle next to the build phase to expand it
    • Replace the body of the script with (it should all be on one line):
      "${PODS_ROOT}/FullStory/tools/FullStoryCommandLine" "${CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR}/${WRAPPER_NAME}"
  • To upgrade Fullstory in the future, update the Fullstory release URL in your Podfile and run “pod update FullStory

Next Steps

After you’ve completed this setup, return to Getting Started with iOS Capture to configure Fullstory, review advanced features, and more.

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