Mobile Performance

How much bandwidth is used by FullStory for Mobile Apps? 

On average, one minute of data capture results in 20KB - 100KB of network bandwidth. These bundles are sent every 20 seconds or when the bundle is filled, whichever comes first, when the app is on the foreground. As the app is entering the background, we will also send a one-off bundle. 

What’s the memory impact at runtime? 

iOS: FullStory adds about 35MB - 50MB of memory utilization to an app’s current memory footprint. Memory is only used when an app is running and is shared with other running / backgrounded apps. When an app is no longer running the memory it was using is reclaimed by the system and made available to other apps.

Note: Memory is not filesize and is different from the app size that is downloaded from an app store. 

What’s the performance impact? 


The below table outlines the performance impact of FullStory for Mobile Apps broken out by Frame Rendering vs Janky Frames:

    Limits (95th Percentile of Frames)
Frame Rendering Average impact of FSMA Pre FSMA Post FSMA
Measured the time to draw frames before and after FullStory instrumentation across multiple physical devices. 5.49% 8ms - 53ms 8ms - 57ms
    Total Janky Frame Limits
Janky Frames Average impact of FSMA Pre FSMA Post FSMA
Measured the volume of Janky frames before and after FullStory instrumentation 2% 4.76% - 70.24% 4.62% - 68.76%



Benchmarks have been performed on the following systems:

  • bruges: 15" MacBook Pro Retina, mid-2012 (MacBookPro10.1), Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) @ 2.7GHz, 16GB of RAM, OS X 10.13.6, iPhone 8 simulator
  • iPod touch: 32GB iPod Touch 6G, Apple A8 @ 1.1GHz, 1GB of RAM, iOS 12.1

Builds are using default XCode debug settings.

  bruges iPod Touch
home screen @ f4cbb10 69.7ms/iter (+6ms/iter) 213.4ms/iter
random views @ f4cbb10 156.0ms/iter (+4ms/iter) 449.1ms/iter (+1ms/iter)
images @ f4cbb10 75.3ms/iter (+2ms/iter) 227.7ms/iter (+2ms/iter)
home screen @ 914a560 41.6ms/iter (+1ms/iter) 123.88ms/iter
random views @ 914a560 83.55ms/iter (+2ms/iter) 238.93ms/iter (+1ms/iter)
images @ 914a560 42.19ms/iter 120.92ms/iter (+4ms/iter)
home screen @a57e31f 16.42ms/iter 69.36ms/iter
random views @ a57e31f 27.23ms/iter 109.03ms/iter (+1ms/iter)
images @ a57e31f 13.10ms/iter 54.76ms/iter
home screen @ ac59091   3.09ms/iter
random views @ ac59091   7.14ms/iter
images @ ac59091    

How does FullStory impact app size? 


FullStory increases an iOS IPA size by ~9mb.


FullStory increases Android APK size by less than 500KB on Dex, plus less than 1.5MB for each CPU Binary (arm, arm64, x86, x86_64)

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