Customer Adoption Rate Dashboard

Are you interested in how clients come to find your business and what drives customer adoption? Build a dashboard in FullStory to help product teams visualize how customers are finding and navigating to your site. Then, dig in on how engaged they are with your site over time.

Follow these recipes to build valuable Dashboard Cards in FullStory that quickly provide objective product data for customer interactions on your site.

Types of Questions Answered:

  • What is the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for clients visiting my site?
  • What percentage of clients visiting my site are converting?
  • What is the average number of sessions for clients who visit my site?
  • How many actions or events are customers performing in a session?
  • How many customers are signing up for my marketing emails each week?
  • How many customers are visiting my site from paid traffic sources and which sources did they come from?

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