FullStory integrates with the popular team productivity tool, Trello, by allowing users to share noteworthy sessions directly to a Trello board as a card.

To enable and set up the integration:

  1. Login to FullStory
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations & API Keys
  3. Click the Add button next to Trello.
    Add Trello
  4. Click the Authorize button, which will launch a new window (you may need to temporarily disable ad blockers if you have them installed) and open a Trello permissions dialogue. Choose Log in to let FullStory use your Trello account.
    Image title
  5. Once you've given permission, return to the FullStory window to choose a board and list where new Trello cards will be created. You can also enable and disable the integration from this dialogue.
    Image title

Now that you're up and running with Trello, there are two methods for sharing sessions to your board:

Sharing from Highlights

  1. When viewing a session, click the green Note button to bring up the sharing dialogue. Type your comment and press Share to publish your note and a link to the session to your team's Highlights tab.
    Share dialogue
  2. Click on the Highlights tab in the left-hand sidebar to view your team's shares. Under the highlight, you'll see Send to:Trello. Click Trello and the note will instantly be shared!

Sharing from inside a session

  1. Like sharing from Highlights, it all starts with clicking Share inside a noteworthy session to create a note and a shareable moment.
  2. After sharing, find the green note in the right-hand actions timeline. You will see Send to: Slack • Trello once again. Click Trello and your work here is finished!
    Note in timeline

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