Do I need to inform my users that their sessions are being recorded?

Yes, you do, according to the terms of our Privacy Policy. FullStory doesn’t dictate how to inform your visitors about the collection of their information, only that you must. The method, whether it be pop-up notification, language in your privacy policy, or something in between, is up to you.

Fortunately, you may already have a FullStory-compliant privacy policy. If you use virtually any other analytics or customer-experience service – including Google Analytics, MixPanel, Tealeaf, Omniture, Intercom, Optimizely, and hundreds of others – you have likely already placed such a disclosure on your site. That’s because the techniques used by these other popular platforms to collect your customer’s data are fundamentally no different from FullStory’s.

If you think your users may have concerns about their session data being recorded, you can include the FullStory opt-out link on your site. Once the customer clicks this button, you will no longer capture their session data as they browse your site.

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