How do I use the FullStory console?

The FullStory Console is available as part of FullStory Pro.

What is the FullStory Console?

FullStory can record all messages reported to the browser's console (this is the normally-hidden message log in most browsers, which you can access using ctrl/cmd-alt-J in Chrome). In your site's Javascript, you can send these messages using methods like console.log(), console.error(), and so forth. FullStory can also record any Javascript exceptions that aren't caught, and in most browsers will also be shown on the console. To enable console recording, visit Settings > Recording > Recording Options.

Console messages are a useful debugging tool for developers, but when recorded by FullStory they allow you to see errors that occur "in the wild", which can be very helpful in debugging end-user issues.

When errors or warnings are present you can view them in the FullStory console. We'll change the color of the CONSOLE button (at the top right of your playback screen) depending on what is available:

Image title

  • Gray: No messages present.
  • Blue: Log messages present.
  • Yellow: At least one warning message.
  • Red: At least one error message, or Javascript error.

Clicking the icon will show the state of the current page's console at the precise moment in time you're viewing. Note that the console resets itself at the beginning of each page, not session, just as it is in the browser. This means that it will empty itself with each "Visit [url]" event. 

You can quickly find where in a session there are console errors by looking for the color-coded console icon in the events stream.

What does "Script Error" mean?

"Script Error" is what you see when the browser hides the precise origin of an error. This happens when the error occurs in a script hosted on a different domain than the site, and it's there for security reasons. Unfortunately, FullStory can't give you any further context than what is passed to us so you may sometimes see "Script Error" in the FullStory console. 

What console messages doesn't FullStory capture?

There are some messages that browsers display on their respective developer tools' consoles, but which aren't technically console messages, and thus unavailable to FullStory. These include things like deprecation warnings, and certain kinds of security and network errors.

Can I control this behavior?

When FullStory is recording console messages, and you're using the browser console yourself, you will see messages attributed to "fs.js". While this doesn't affect the user's experience in any way, it can make debugging a bit more difficult. If you want it to get out of the way, simply call FS.disableConsole() on the console (you can re-enable it with FS.enableConsole()). If you want to turn it off for all pages, you can do so using the toggle in Settings > Recording > Recording Options.


FS.log() provides a way to silently log messages to FullStory console, without logging the message to the user's browser console. See FS.log for additional information.

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