FullStory Free Edition

Why FullStory Free?

We believe everyone benefits from a more perfect online experience. That’s why we developed FullStory, a customer experience platform that makes it as easy to understand how visitors interact with your site as it is for brick-and-mortar retail store owners to see how customers explore their shops.

To truly make the Internet a more beautiful, useful place for everyone, we want to strip away the main barrier for those who may need FullStory most: the price. FullStory Free Edition empowers those small-but-mighty teams—from SaaS startups to Sole Proprietors—to make customer experience research an integral part of their design and customer experience strategies.

Note: If your needs are somewhere in between 1,000 sessions Free Edition and 25,000 sessions Pro Edition, please use the Contact Us button below to reach out and let us know your needs. 

What can I expect with FullStory Free?

When you sign up for a free trial in FullStory, you'll automatically go through a FullStory Pro Edition trial. This will give you free access to all of our Pro Edition and Pack add-on features for two weeks, as well as 5,000 recorded sessions. 

We make it clear during the trial which features are associated with our Pro Edition by using a 'PRO' badge and features that are available in a pack using a 'PACK' badge. 

 If you'd rather not get too attached to Pro or Pack features, you can change to Free Edition any time. Simply navigate to Settings > Subscription to set your account to Free using the plan options wizard.

What happens when I switch from a paid plan to FullStory Free?

You're free to switch between a paid Pro plan and a Free plan anytime you like. 

Since the Free plan does not include some features, changing from Pro to Free will result in:

  1. Loss of Settings:  You will lose targeted recording settings if you've set up domain specific recording, geographic specific recording, IP address blocking, or user agent blocking.
  2. Loss of Seats: The Free plan only includes 3 free seats, while Pro includes 20 free seats. If you have more than 3 logins active, you'll have to remove users before changing to Free.
  3. Loss of Session History: The Free plan includes 1 month of session history. If you were paying for more history in FullStory Pro, you'll lose access to those sessions over a month old.

What is included with FullStory Free?

FullStory Free Edition comes with 1,000 recorded sessions per month, 3 user seats, and 1 month of data history.

You'll also get access to these FullStory features:

What is NOT included with FullStory Free?

There are a few features that we don't make available in our Free Edition. 

The Pro Edition begins at 25,000 sessions and 20 free seats and includes these premium features:

  • FullStory Console, our view of JS console errors during session playback
  • Page Insights w/ Click Maps, our page level visual data aggregation.
  • Inspect Mode to find and build CSS selector searches
  • Error clicks, our one-click search that helps you find sessions with JS errors
  • Abandoned forms, a one-click search that helps you find when users don't complete a form
  • Rage Grade, a benchmark of your frustration signals against other customers in a similar space
  • Go Live, our live view of a user's session that helps you offer real-time support
  • Targeted session recording for domains, geography, IP address, or user agent
  • FullStory REST API
  • Reflection API (FS.getCurrentSessionURL) to pass FullStory links to your favorite tools
  • Export CSV for exporting user lists based on search segments
  • Premium integrations (other than Slack, GTM, Segment)
  • Pack add-ons are not available in the Free plan

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