New User Onboarding

FullStory offers useful insights soon after you deploy the script. But if you want to get the most value out of the platform, you'll want some training on where to start.

Our New User Onboarding course will take about 3 hours to complete. Think of this document and the links included as a map for your journey to FullStory success. It’s our recommendation that admins or power users follow this journey once on their own, then take it again with subsequent users (like an old school trailblazer). Once finished, you’ll be able to use FullStory to strategically manage your digital experience.


Step 1 - Groundwork

Goals: Learn the ins and outs of FullStory's basic feature set, including search, segmentation, and session replay. Begin building basic segments of your users.

Watch - (41 minutes)

  • FullStory 101 - Learn FullStory's basic features and common use cases.
  • FullStory 201 - Learn how to glean new insights from your data using a strategy for investigating the unknowns with FullStory search.
  • Account Administration - Optional - If you’re a FullStory admin, learn about special features and settings available to you and how to set up your FullStory account for other users.

Build - (30 minutes)

After watching the videos above, try your hand at search and segmentation. Start by building basic segments of users based on your business needs.


Step 2 - Vision

Goals: See your business in FullStory. Make FullStory speak the language of your KPIs, OKRs, and projects. Visualize digital experience wins and winces quantitatively.

Watch (40 minutes)

  • Intro to Defined Events - Defined Events let you rename searches in words your whole team can understand.  Some might think of this as “feature tagging” or “event tagging” but without code, all done using FullStory search.
  • Intro to Metrics - Metrics allow you to turn quantitative data into qualitative. Counts of clicks, frequency of events, time spent on a page before an action was taken are just a few of things you can begin to count using metrics and search.
  • Intro to Dashboards - Take metrics and visualize their various quantities in Dashboards. Display high-level numbers, view trends, or group metrics by most common sub-quality such as clicks per button on a given page.

Build (60 minutes)

Create the Defined Events, Metrics, and Dashboards your team will benefit the most from.


Step 3 - Do the “Jobs to be Done”

Goals: Go beyond the fundamentals to learn about features aligned to your role and business. View our trainings tailored for different use cases and goals.

Watch (varies)


Step 4 - Check in with FullStory

Book an Office Hours session to review what you’ve built in steps 1-3 and get tips on how to “level up.”

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