Conversion Maps

Who can use this feature?
- Available with Enterprise and Advanced plans.
- Available for admins, architects, explorers, and standard users.

Conversion maps visually represent user conversion rates tied to specific areas of a page, similar to how click maps visually show you most and least clicked areas of a page. With conversion maps, Fullstory will automatically create areas of interest based on named elements in your account. After selecting your conversion goal (e.g., Revenue Event, Clicked text Add to Bag, Visited URL is, Fullstory will calculate the conversion rate of named elements to that chosen goal.

This lets you quickly see which areas of your page generate more or less conversions.

Use conversion maps when you want to answer questions like:

  • Do shoppers who interact with the Reviews section of a product page convert at a higher or lower rate than those who don't?
  • Which products in this carousel result in users joining our loyalty rewards program? 
  • Do users who select the "size guide" link tend to positively or negatively impact achieving our desired conversion goal for successful checkouts? 
Note: Conversion maps only analyze elements that have been named in your account at this time, and unlike click maps, they do not display archived elements.

How to use Conversion Maps 

Toggle to conversion maps

First, open an existing heatmap or save a new heatmap. Then, toggle the type of map to conversion map.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 12.34.01 PM.png

Choose a conversion goal 

The conversion goal refers to the specific action or outcome you want your users to do. This could be a revenue event, clicked text, visits to a page, and more. 

The list of conversion goals is pulled from the last step of any saved funnel in your account. If you do not see a specific conversion goal listed, it hasn't been used as the final step in a saved funnel.

image (21).png

Explore insights from the conversion goal

In the image below, the conversion goal selected is Revenue Event. This lets you visualize insights for users who interacted with elements that resulted in a revenue event, like completing a purchase. The highest converting element on this page, ranked as #1 in the list, is the Minivan Card. The conversion map tells us that of the 37 users who clicked on this element, 13 completed the revenue event, thus showing a 35.1% conversion rate.

conv maps insights.png


Why are only a few elements showing up on my conversion map?
This is likely a signal that there are not many elements that have been named on this page. The colored rectangles that are displayed on conversion maps are created by the boundaries of elements that have been named in your account. If there are areas of the page that you're interested in seeing on a conversion map, you'll need to name those elements. One way to name elements is by switching over to click maps, finding the raw CSS on the top clicks list, clicking on the vertical ellipses, and then clicking 'Create element'. As soon as you switch back over to conversion maps, you'll see the newly named element presented there. To learn more about naming elements, see Naming Elements in Fullstory.

How is the conversion goal dropdown list populated? 
Fullstory queries for all the funnels created in an account, regardless of whether they were created by you or someone else in your account, and selects the final funnel step to generate the options in the dropdown menu.

What if I do not see a specific conversion goal in the drop-down list?
If you are looking for a specific conversion goal and don't see it in the dropdown menu, ensure there is a funnel in your account that has that specific page or event as the last step. 

How do I add a new conversion goal to the drop-down list?
Fullstory queries for all the funnels created in an account and selects the final step of all the funnels to generate the options in the dropdown menu. To add a new conversion goal, leave the heatmaps experience and go to funnels. Create a new funnel, where Step 1 is "Any activity," and Step 2 is what you want to be the new conversion goal. Save the funnel, and when you navigate back to heatmaps, you should see this new conversion goal included in the dropdown menu.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 12.59.47 PM.png

Since the conversion goals are based on the last step of funnels, what happens if a funnel gets deleted or if a new step is added to a funnel? Will my saved heatmap still populate the conversion data?
Yes. If a funnel gets edited or deleted, the saved conversion map will still function without a hitch. Nothing adverse will happen to your conversion map.

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