UserTesting is a video-first platform that collects user feedback from real people. By connecting UserTesting's live human insights with Fullstory's rich behavioral data, you can seamlessly pair qualitative and quantitative insights to validate problems, quantify their impact, and iterate on solutions. 

Setting up the integration

  1. Install the Fullstory tracking script and configure privacy settings
  2. Follow these steps to finish setting up the integration in UserTesting. 

Using the integration

After launching a test in UserTesting, go to the Sessions tab and click Watch on Fullstory beneath a session. 

UserTesting - Watch on FullStory.png


This links to the user's session in Fullstory. Watch the replay to understand their product experience. Use the event stream to identify and focus on moments of interest. 

CleanShot 2023-11-17 at 15.21.31@2x.png


Use Fullstory's product analytics features–like metrics, funnels, and dashboards–to zoom out from a single session and build analyses that quantify insights at scale. 

Time to Convert Funnel.png




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