The FullStory App for UserVoice allows you to get a link inside the UserVoice Ticket UI to the user session that immediately preceded the ticket submission. This helps your team quickly learn what prompts your users to submit tickets and removes multiple steps in data collection process.

Configuration in UserVoice

Under the Settings tab in UserVoice, navigate to General > Ticket fields, queues, and rules > Ticket fields.


Create a custom read­-only field labelled “FullStory Session.”



Finally, add the following line to your _fs_ready function in the FullStory script. (Be sure to add your UserVoice script before your FullStory script on each page you’re using both. Otherwise, we won’t be able to call UserVoice.push as part of the FullStory script.)

        UserVoice.push([‘set’,’ticket_custom_fields’,{‘FullStory Session’:


Now when viewing a UserVoice Ticket, you will see a custom field with the associated FullStory user session link.


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