How do I delete a user?

From time to time, you may find it necessary to remove a user’s data from your Fullstory account. Use this feature for GDPR Right to be Forgotten / Right to Erasure requests.

You can also use our API if you need a more systematic solution.

Delete a User in the Fullstory App

At the bottom of every user detail card there’s a delete user button. Click this button and confirm to remove a given user and all of their associated data from Fullstory. 

Note: the delete user button is only available for Admins of a Fullstory account. 


This is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Click the confirmation dialogue:


Once the user is completely and irrevocably erased from Fullstory, you’ll receive an email confirmation that their data has been deleted.

How does user deletion interact with the Data Export?

Data Exports are generated "on-demand," meaning the data in the JSON bundles are fetched directly from our servers at the time that the bundle is requested. Therefore, if you delete `Joe Smith` today and export data files tomorrow, Joe Smith's data will not be in those data files, as Fullstory no longer has the user's data to include in the file. 

If you are fetching data export files daily, the data that you pull down and store on your servers may include personal data. This means when a user requests deletion, you may also need to delete their data from the data warehouse where you are storing Fullstory's data exports. 


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