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Intro to FullStory

1-hour Training Webinar

Ideal for all new FullStory users! By the end of this webinar you will know how to:

  • Demystify UX with Omnisearch
  • Create meaningful Segments 
  • Understand Searchie analytics
  • Navigate Session Replay
  • Use heatmaps
  • Find console errors with FullStory DevTools

Privacy, Custom Data, & Integrations

30-min Training Webinar

Ideal for users who desire more context in their FullStory data. This webinar will introduce you to:

  • Privacy and data exclusion settings
  • Identifying users within FullStory
  • Segmenting users by custom attributes
  • Sending custom event data to FullStory
  • Popular integrations such as Google Analytics, Slack, and Zendesk

Customer Success Office Hours

1:1 Session (30-min)

Have a specific strategic question? Set-up some 1:1 time with a FullStory Customer Success Manager.

Intro to FullStory Conversions

30-min Training Webinar

Learn how to use FullStory Conversions to find the UX bugs which have the largest negative impact on your users. 

*Note: FullStory Conversions is currently only available on our Enterprise plan.

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Intro to Dev Tools

30-min Training Webinar

Learn how to use FullStory's Dev Tools to understand how page performance impacts your customer experience

FullStory for Customer Support Roles

30-min Training Webinar

Best practices and strategies for Customer Support teams using FullStory


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