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This is Part 3/5 of a series explaining Conversions. 

After you set up your Conversion Analysis and choose the relevant signals to consider, you see results in the Opportunities table which may look something like the picture below. What does they mean?


When in doubt, hover over numbers and headers in the table. You'll see tooltips like the one below that help you learn more.



An overview of your Conversions results

What do my results mean?

Conversions compares two groups of users for each signal: those who experienced the signal (“affected”) and those who did not (“unaffected”). When the affected group has a sufficiently lower conversion rate than the unaffected group, we highlight the signal in the opportunities table. 

In the following sections, let’s focus on one specific signal: when first contentful paint for the /checkout URL is 3+ seconds. This is one of the “Performance” signals that is available by default in Conversions. Affected users are those who experienced the slow page load time of 3 seconds or longer.

Hovering over the numbers in the table will give you more information about the two groups. In this case, there are 1,372 users that experienced the 3+ second page load, which is about 39% of the total cohort of 3,551. You can also see more about these numbers by clicking into the Opportunity Analysis view for this result.


By default, the list of opportunities is sorted by the number of lost conversions. You can also choose to order by lost revenue, the number of affected users, the conversion rate impact or the confidence level instead by clicking the column labels.

The conversion impact is calculated as the relative change between the unaffected and affected groups’ conversion rates (see Part 5 of the Conversions series for more details). The unaffected group (those with a faster page load) converted at 26.94%, and the affected group (those with a slower page load) only converted at 15.89%. That’s a 41.02% lower conversion rate for the affected group!


So, if those 1,372 users had actually converted at the unaffected rate of 26.94% instead of 15.89%, we calculate that 151 more conversions might have been completed.


Muting Signals

Occasionally you may see opportunities that are false positives or irrelevant for your team, and you want to remove them from your results list. You can “mute” the signal by clicking on the options icon on the right side of the opportunity.


Any future opportunities for a muted signal will show up at the bottom of the result set in a section called “Muted Opportunities” that is collapsed by default. That way your team will still be able to access them, but they won’t take away focus from new and more relevant opportunities.

Note: muted signals apply to all Conversions analyses for all users in your organization. If you mute a signal like this for Checkout Errors with the message “The product is out of stock,” any opportunities for this signal in any analysis will be moved to the “Muted Opportunities” section.



You can also see a list of all signals that your team has muted if you open the signals configuration window for any analysis. As a reminder, you can access the configuration window at the top of the Conversions analysis page by clicking on Signals. You can unmute a signal at any time.


What should I do if I have zero or very few results?

“I don’t think that my website is perfect since my users aren’t converting at 100%...but why didn’t FullStory surface any results for my funnel?”


There are a few different reasons your Conversion Funnel may not be returning results. By adjusting your funnel steps, user Segment, date range or type of signals, you might be able to identify more opportunities. See our Conversions - Tips and Tricks article for more ideas on what to adjust in your analysis.

Even if you don’t identify significant opportunities in Conversions, there are still plenty of insights you can learn about your funnel in FullStory. Click “Explore this funnel” to jump to the Funnels tab where you can watch sessions for users who dropped off at a certain step, slice your data by a dimension like Device, and more. Learn more about exploring your funnel in Interpreting Funnel Data.



Next, we will explore how you can dig in to analyze your results further and watch sessions





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