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This is Part 4/5 of a series explaining Conversions.


In the previous article, we showed you how FullStory presents significant opportunities based on your selected Conversion Funnel and cohort. In this section, you’ll learn how to dig deeper into the details of an opportunity.

We know how important it is to be able to explain an issue to your team and get it prioritized and addressed. FullStory provides you with three tools that empower you to accomplish this:

  • Click on a Conversion Opportunity to see details such as where in the Conversion Funnel your users dropped off with the Opportunity Details View.
  • Once you’re in this view, select Session Playlist to view examples of users who were or were not affected by the bad experience and who did or did not convert.
  • Share your findings by downloading a PDF or creating a Share Link that you can easily send to others to view a snapshot of the relevant Conversions Opportunity.

Digging into your Conversions results 

Let’s dive in! We’ll use the same “Dead Click on Your F.S. Order” issue that was signaled by Conversions, which we explored in the previous article. Click on ‘Show Details’ on the right side of the opportunity to open the details of how this Dead Click is impacting your customers.


Opportunity Details View

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.27.39 PM.png

The summary area gives you both a written and visual interpretation of the key details of this Opportunity. A KPI summary bar at the top provides the number of lost conversions in your date range, annualized lost conversions which projects the loss over a full year, the number of affected users, the conversions impact specific to the impacted steps and the statistical confidence level of this signal.

The chart in the upper left highlights the net impact of the experience, focusing on the specific part of the Conversion Funnel where Conversions pinpointed a problem. Here, the two groups were converting similarly until Step 4, and then the affected group started dropping off at Step 5 relative to the unaffected group. Conversions calculated that this difference is statistically significant. 

Now, let’s review our KPI summary bar again; this analysis is telling us that if the affected users converted at the same rate as the unaffected users, we might have had an additional 59 conversions. 158 users who experienced the Dead Click converted 63.46% lower between Step 4 and Step 5. 

Below the summary, we see the whole funnel for all users in the cohort and highlight where we see lost conversions. The relevant part of the funnel is shown by the pink dashed box. This helps us pinpoint where the Dead Click is happening. 

Comparison Details & Dimensions 

Below the graph, you can see the comparison of users that experienced this Dead Click signal vs those users that did not experience the Dead Click. This comparison is across the entire funnel; from Step 1 to Step 5. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.29.26 PM.png

Additionally, with dimensionality within Conversions you can better understand the impact that a particular dimension is having on an opportunity. With 6 static dimensions you can understand if this Dead Click is isolated to a specific browser type, device, region, operating system, screen resolution and referrer host.  Reviewing the comparison of dimensionality is a way for you to quickly conduct a deeper analysis into which factors most impact your conversions. You can compare dimensions for users that experienced this Dead Click to those users that did not experience the Dead Click.  

In this example, you’ll notice that all of the affected users were on desktop, using the Safari browser with the OS X operating system, while location doesn’t seem to be a factor here. Those who experienced the Dead Click on a desktop, using Safari with OS X had a significantly lower conversion rate than those who did not experience the Dead Click. Without having to dig and search for more information, you’ve been able to isolate this issue. Now, with this data you may want to pass this along to your engineering team to investigate further.

Keep reading to see how you can also Watch Sessions and Share this information!

If you have more detailed questions about how we calculate Conversion Impacts, check out Part 5 of this series for an in-depth explanation (especially for data scientists and analysts).

Watch Sessions

Okay, so now you know where the funnel drop-off is happening, which users are most impacted, and that it’s correlated with a specific Signal. But that might not be the full story! What exactly does the user do when they run into the pothole? 

We wanted you to be able to see the issue from your user’s point of view, so we did what FullStory does best: let you experience the issue with empathy for your users, so you can go beyond the statistics and understand what went wrong.

From the Opportunity Details view, you can click on “Session Playlist” to dive in. This is what it looks like for the “Dead Click on Your F.S. Order.”


Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.31.17 PM.png


FullStory can show you user sessions in four combinations:

  • Users who had this experience (Dead Click on Your F.S. Order) and failed to convert
  • Users who had this experience and successfully converted
  • Users who did not have this experience and successfully converted
  • Users who did not have this experience and failed to convert

You can toggle back and forth between these combinations, watch sessions, leave notes for your team, dig into errors with Dev Tools, and gather a full picture of what is going on that might be affecting your conversion rates.

Share Your Findings 

With the time spent analyzing the impact of the above Dead Click, it’s time to promote and share this opportunity across relevant teams. You can Download a PDF or create a Share Link that you can easily send to others to view a snapshot of the relevant Conversions Opportunity. 

Screen Recording 2022-06-30 at 02.38.01 PM.gif

Now you can go back to your team with clear answers for “what is the most impactful thing we could work on right now to improve our conversion rate?”

Please note: Guests can view a snapshot but will not be able to navigate to other parts of the app


By now, you should have all you need to use Conversions effectively in your customer experience optimization adventures.

The remaining article in this series is a technical addendum that provides full transparency about how we calculate some of the Conversions magic. It’s especially relevant to data scientists, analysts, and the technically inclined.

If you have any other questions, talk to your Customer Success Manager at FullStory to answer any questions first, or reach out to our Support team here. If you have a paid plan but don't have a Customer Success Manager, feel free to book a 1:1 office hours session with our team using the link within FullStory the app.

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