Getting Started with Dashboards

Need a refresher on how to build metrics and dashboards? Check out our enablement course at

Use this article as a high-level guide to help you create your first dashboard. If you'd prefer to dive deeper, our Dashboards Overview provides additional context. 

1. Navigate to the Dashboards Tab and click "Create Dashboard."


2. Click "Add Card" and select the visualization you want to place on your Dashboard.


3. Adjust the Card composer to select a Segment of users, Time Range, and Title for the card


Under Segment, you can use a Segment that you've already created or click "Create custom Segment" to build a new one on the fly.


If you build a custom Segment, choose "Save Segment as..." to save the Segment for repeated use in your account. Choose "Apply to Card" to use the Segment for this Card only. 


4. Next, select a pre-saved Metric, or create a custom Metric for the card. If you create a custom Metric, choose "Save Metric as..." to save the metric for repeated use in your account. Choose "Apply to Card" to use the Metric for this Card only. 

Create a Custom Metric.png

5. Click 'Save Card' in the upper right corner to save your card to the Dashboard.



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