Data Layer Capture

Who can use this feature?
- Available for all paid plans.
- Not supported on Mobile. 
- Requires an admin or architect role to configure. 

Many Fullstory customers have invested significant time and effort into building a data layer that lets them track custom events and user variables. Often these data layers are provided by vendors like Google, Tealium, or Adobe, and customers frequently ask how data within a data layer can be made available in Fullstory. We offer several out of the box integrations that make it possible to automatically pull information from your data layer in just a few clicks.

Note: If you are already utilizing the Fullstory API to pull custom events, best practice is to double check which events you're already pulling in before implementing DLC.

What data is captured from a data layer?

Our data layer capture technology is designed to automatically capture common data layer attributes and make them available in Fullstory as custom events or user variables. Fullstory offers the following integrations out-of-the-box:

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 5.03.47 PM.png

If your account has never used Data Layer Capture before, you will see the above when you arrive at Settings > Integrations > Manage.

We have taken an intentional approach to data capture using vendor guidelines, and we do not capture user-specific information out-of-the-box. If you need to capture additional or custom data from your data layer, see the Data Layer Rules section in the project documentation to write your own rules. 

Will enabling a data layer integration impact my site’s performance?

Enabling a data layer integration adds the latest version of our data layer capture library to your website with predefined rules. The process is very similar to how the Fullstory snippet is added. We host the data layer capture script using the same approach as our core data capture script, fs.js, and you should see the same fast response times and caching behavior.  Additional performance details are available here. 

What if I want to pass custom data layer properties?

Fullstory's data layer capture technology leverages a flexible syntax and rules-driven approach. You can reference data from any data layer, perform intermediate changes, and send the result to Fullstory - all without writing any custom JavaScript. Read more about how you can add your own custom rules to the data layer at our official github repository.

If your account participated in our Data Layer Capture beta program, you'll see a slightly different visual in Settings > Manage > Integrations including a specific Data Layer Capture integration. Despite the different view, the integration functions the same way. 

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 11.40.06 AM.png

Do I need to set a "Log Level"?

No, this field is optional. You can read more about this option in our developer documents.

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