Webflow is a platform that makes it simple to create custom websites without code. If you have a paid Webflow account or if your project has an active site plan, you can integrate your Fullstory data capture snippet with your Webflow site. Once installed, you can use Fullstory to play back user sessions, build conversion funnels, and gain new insights into how visitors use your site.


  1. Log in to your Webflow account and open your Project.
  2. From the top-left corner, select "Project Settings."


  3. Click "Custom Code."


  4. Paste your Fullstory data capture snippet (learn how to find it here) into the text box under “Head Code."*


  5. Click "Save Changes."

*Note: Inserting the script under “Head Code” will capture every page. If you only want to capture specific pages, follow the steps under “Custom code in your Page settings” here.

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