Configuring the Log Level for FullStoryCommandLine (iOS)

The FullStoryCommandLine tool for iOS supports an FS_LOG_LEVEL environment property that can be adjusted to control the amount of logging that it outputs.

It's possible to increase or decrease the amount of log messages that FullStoryCommandLine outputs during its XCode Run Script Build Phase by setting the FS_LOG_LEVEL environment property to one of the following values: 

  • error (least amount of log messages)
  • warn
  • info (default, medium amount of log messages)
  • verbose
  • debug (greatest amount of log messages). 
Error or warn could be used to decrease the amount of "log noise", whereas verbose or debug may be used to help understand a problem.

For example, if your FullStoryCommandLine build phase has the following shell script:
"${PODS_ROOT}/FullStory/tools/FullStoryCommandLine" "${CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR}/${WRAPPER_NAME}"
Change it to this to enable debug logging:
FS_LOG_LEVEL=debug "${PODS_ROOT}/FullStory/tools/FullStoryCommandLine" "${CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR}/${WRAPPER_NAME}"

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