Session Summary notes, powered by AI

Who can use this feature?
- Available with Enterprise, Advanced, Business, and Free plans.
- Available for admins, architects, explorers, and standard users.

Summary notes use generative AI to automatically create recaps of key points from a user's session. This makes it easier to understand important actions visualized in session replay and reduces the manual effort needed to summarize user behavior when sharing notes with teammates.

Using summary notes

The option to have Fullstory generate the summary of the noteworthy moment in the session automatically can be found within the “Note and Share” function of session replay.

CleanShot 2024-04-05 at 15.44.16@2x.png

When you click “summarize with AI,” Fullstory will return a summary of what happened around the time you paused the session to write the note. Here’s an example of what the summary could look like:

CleanShot 2024-04-09 at 16.12.17@2x.png

You can simply click “Save” to save the note as-is, or you can edit or add to it. For instance, you may want to tag a specific teammate to receive the note by typing “@” and their username.

Once you close out an AI powered summary note, you’ll be prompted to provide feedback. This helps our Product team know what’s working well, and identify opportunities to improve the experience. We appreciate any feedback you have to share!

Processing data for session summaries

Summary notes are generated in response to user requests as shown above. In order to produce them, session event data is processed by Google Cloud models in our existing GCP infrastructure. The data processed consists of the events in the session selected for summarization. Producing the summary does not involve or necessitate training any models on customer data.

Summary notes is one of many AI features Fullstory is experimenting with that will empower teams to work smarter. Browse other AI features and opt in or out of them for your organization within the Settings > Experimental AI area of Fullstory.

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