Using Google Authentication with Fullstory

Fullstory offers the ability to authenticate user logins using their Google identity. If your email address is backed by Google apps, you will be able to use this feature. On the Fullstory login page, you’ll have the option to log in with Google in lieu of using your email and password.

  1. Click Log in with Google.


  2. You’ll be redirected to a Google page to choose the correct account. To login, click on the Google account that matches your Fullstory account email address.


  3. If your email address is associated with multiple Fullstory accounts, you will be asked to choose which Fullstory account you'd like to sign into.



NOTE: If you have access to multiple accounts, then Fullstory will tell you which ones require Google authentication when you log in by placing a Google “G” next to it. 

Can I enforce Google authentication for my account?

Yes! Account administrators have the ability to require their team to log in using Google authentication.

Enforcing Google authentication means that all of your users must authenticate with Google in order to access Fullstory. Once you enforce Google authentication, any users who are currently signed in using a username and password will be automatically logged out and forced to authenticate with Google. You must be an Admin to make this change.

  1. Navigate to Settings >  Account Management > Users in the Fullstory app.

  2. Before you can enforce Google authentication, you must be logged in using Google. If you are currently logged in with a username and password, you will be prompted to authenticate with Google before proceeding. Click on Sign in with Google and follow the login steps to proceed.

  3. Toggle the Require Google Sign-In slider.


  4. All users who are currently logged in will be logged out of Fullstory and required to authenticate with Google. All users who are not currently logged in will be required to authenticate with Google on their next visit to Fullstory.

NOTE: A Google “G” icon is placed next to every user that Fullstory believes is part of a Google apps domain. If someone does not have a Google “G” next to their id, then it’s likely that they will not be able to log in to Fullstory using that email address. Users will be unable to log in using Google Auth if your email is an alias. Your seat will need to be associated with the primary email associated with your Google account. Additionally, users with a plus sign in their email (such as “”) will not be able to authenticate directly to Google. In that case, it is recommended to create a new log-in without the plus sign (such as “”). 

What if I have access to multiple accounts?

To switch between accounts, click your company's account name in the top left and select the account you want to switch to.

When switching between accounts, a check for Google authentication will be made. 



Does Fullstory support Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

We can support MFA capabilities configured via Google Authentication (or your SSO provider).

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