What if the identifier 'FS' is used by another script on my site?

In the Fullstory Javascript snippet, you'll notice that we use the global identifier FS. If by chance another script on the page uses this identifier, they can conflict.  When this happens, the data capture script will emit the following warning to the javascript console:

FullStory namespace conflict. Please set window["_fs_namespace"].

Fortunately, there's a simple solution. Within the data capture script snippet, you'll see the following line:

window['_fs_namespace'] = 'FS';

Change 'FS' to an unused value, such as 'Fullstory', in your code and it will resolve the naming conflict.

Note that you will need to update any places in your javascript where you call Fullstory APIs to use this new prefix; e.g., FS.identify() would need to be changed to Fullstory.identify() .

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