Search Result Caching in Fullstory

When you run a search in Fullstory, we want to deliver your search results back to you as fast as possible. For commonly/recently used searches in your organization, Fullstory will return cached data immediately while fetching updated data in the background.

You'll notice timestamps in the top left corner of your Fullstory data visualization cards (as shown below) to indicate age of data, and you can refresh to pull new data for any card as soon as data is 5 minutes old.


Hover over the card you're reviewing to see when the data was last refreshed. In this case, the data was refreshed 13 minutes ago.


Hover over the timestamp and you can choose to “Refresh Data” as soon as data is 5 minutes old.


A request is in process behind the scenes to get new fresh data for this visualization.


There is new data available if you want it! A request happened in the background to get new data, and there was some new data to share with you.


Hover over the timestamp and click on "Show new data" to refresh your results. 


Note: This functionality applies to all of Fullstory's data visualization cards, including the Session Playlist card. Remember to request new data if you are failing to see currently live sessions in this card.


If you have any questions or feedback about the timestamped data you have available to you in Fullstory, please let us know at (ideally with a screenshot of the timestamp in question).

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