Can Fullstory tell me what the top screen resolutions are for my segment?

Who can use this feature?
- Available with Enterprise, Advanced, Business, and Free plans.
- Available for admins, architects, explorers, and standard users.

Yes - with the Screen Resolution Breakdown Card.

The Screen Resolution Breakdown Card will appear under your segment search results and will correspond to your current search query. Not only will it show you the most common screen resolution for your users, it will show you the total counts for the number of sessions – who match your segment and your specified time frame – who accessed your site with a particular screen resolution.

Note: this shows screen resolution and not viewport. Screen Resolution is the resolution in CSS pixels of the users screen.  Viewport is the size of the user's browser window at the time of the session.  While we do not have a Card for viewport, you can search for them using OmniSearch.


Screen Resolution FAQs

What do incredibly small Screen Resolutions mean?

Sometimes, you may notice sessions with a screen resolution of 0x0 (because resolutions are rounded to the nearest 10, this includes 1x1). This is obviously a screen resolution that cannot exist, so it can typically mean one of two things. One, the session could have been captured from a bot. Two, the user's browser did not properly capture the resolution values so we are displaying it as 0.

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