Measuring Bounce Rate with Fullstory

These are two questions we often hear: How can I use Fullstory to measure bounce? and What can I learn from these sessions?

Marketers are all concerned with bounce: when a person visits a site but immediately leaves. It’s way less fun than it sounds, isn’t it?

Bounce can be caused by a variety of things, so it’s important to figure out both how many visitors are bouncing and why. Analytics tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel can only show us the former, but Fullstory, magically, can do both.

You can define bounce as any period of time you like. At Fullstory we say visits lasting less than a half a minute. We would put this into a search segment by using User Filters > Total Active Time > is at most > 30 seconds. (That number is in seconds, but if longer periods of time can be achieved by typing, for example, 5:00 for five minutes, or 1:00:00 for an hour.)


Now that we have our bouncing visitors, we can watch some sessions to find out why they’re bouncing. Fullstory lets us see all sorts of user pain points from confusing design to JavaScript errors. (And, in the case of the latter, or any bug, Fullstory also lets us inspect the faulty code.)

Knowing the reasons for bounce helps us make the necessary adjustments to promote more visitor engagement, which will ultimately lead to more conversions.

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