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What is Dev Tools?

Dev Tools unlocks the power to understand how page performance—speed and reliability—affects your customer experience.

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Dev Tools includes:

Search for sessions where the Page Load time took longer than expected or open Dev Tools for any customer's session to see exactly what the Network requests looked like in their browser for any page that loaded during their session.

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Dev Tools can help you answer business questions like…

  • Which pages take the longest to load for my customers?

  • Do people convert at a better rate when my page loads faster?

  • Was the page slow for everyone or just this one person?

  • Which image, file, or script was causing my site to load slowly for my customer?

  • How many of my customers encountered slow load time on this page?

Page Speed Metrics

Page speed metrics allow you to see page timing milestones for every page that loads during any session. 

Available metrics include:

  • DOMContentLoaded

  • First Contentful Paint

  • Load Time

Together, these page speed metrics can help you understand whether a page was rendering or loading slowly for any individual user. And, because page speed metrics are available as search criteria for OmniSearch and Segments, you can layer these timings onto any of your funnels or Segments to learn more about performance in the context of specific pages or groups of sessions.

Learn more about page speed metrics.

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Network View

The Network view in Fullstory allows you to see line-by-line network requests as they happened in the browser to load a page. 

Learn more about using the Network view.

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Slowest Pages

The Slowest Pages report shows you the slowest pages related to any search or segment, by First Contentful Paint. You can find Slowest Pages for any search or segment, and this report gives you excellent signal to understand where to improve your performance and also where you might want to search to find slow sessions. 


The Slowest Pages report groups largest First Contentful Paint by Page. Fullstory uses machine learning to figure out what the logical pages in your app are, and groups things accordingly as Pages. If you’re interested in learning more about Pages in Fullstory, check out our in depth article here!

Looking for more debugging tools?

Dev Tools play really nicely alongside the Fullstory Console, a feature that's included in every edition of Fullstory Business.

Learn more about the Console view.

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