Why can't I see images and CSS in playback?

When resources such as images, fonts, and CSS don't render correctly in your session, it is often due to a lack of access. 

Fullstory can't snapshot a resource if our servers (outside your network) can't access it. It's best to open up access to any images, fonts, and CSS that comprise the critical app UI.  Storing them in HTTP or HTTPS is fine, as long as authentication isn't required.  

Our capturing process snapshots copies of resources, such as images and style sheets, used by each page to ensure proper playback in the future. We do this so you can change the way your site looks at any time and older Fullstory sessions still play back the way they looked at the time they were captured. In order for these resources to appear in playback they must be publicly accessible to our backend servers so we can fetch them directly. We then weave the fetched resources into the playback DOM.

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