Server Side Events

Who can use this feature?
- Available with all plans. 

REST API - Sending server side events to Fullstory

Often user interactions and events happen outside of Fullstory’s data capture script’s visibility (i.e., not in the browser or mobile app). For example, customer contact can happen through non-digital channels (e.g., brick-and-mortar, telephone) and relevant events can happen in third-party systems (e.g., email platform, CDP, CRM). With Server Side Events API, you can pass this data into Fullstory to measure and understand these interactions for a more complete view of your customer experience. 

Using the API

Please see the Server Side Events Developer Documentation for more detailed information about how to use this API.

Using custom events in Fullstory

Immediately Searchable

Similarly to the FS.event process, once the REST API call is processed, the new event name will automatically be created and searchable in OmniSearch and in your Library objects, such as Metrics, Segments, and Funnels. 



Session Playlist 

After creating a custom event search, the server event will be displayed in the Session Playlist with a new server icon, instead of the play button icon.


User Cards

When viewing a session, server events will only show up in the “Matching Activity” tab.


Data Management

After the REST API call is processed, the server events can be viewed and managed within Settings > Data Management.


Server Event Quota 

Each Fullstory plan includes a set number of server events that you're able to capture data within a monthly or annual cycle. You'll be able to view how many events you're able to capture and the number of events you've captured during this cycle thus far in Settings > Account Management > Subscription.

server side plan quota.png

Business, Advanced and Enterprise plan types will include 500K server side events per month. Fullstory Free plans include 5,000 server side events per month. Advanced and Enterprise plans can purchase additional events if needed.


Why would I use this API instead of FS.event?

The FS.event API is designed for sending client-side event properties to Fullstory. Client-side event properties are present in the browser at the time the session is captured. On the other hand, this Server-side API allows you to send server-side events that aren’t available in the browser. This opens up more opportunities for integrating with behind-the-scenes systems across your organization.

What is the difference between in-session events and out-of-session events?

In-session server events are associated with a specific user session that happened in a browser or mobile app. These could be events that occur in the ‘background’ while your user is navigating your site such as: application server errors or payment gateway responses. In-session events will appear in the event stream within session playback and can be applied to your analysis throughout Fullstory.

Out-of-session server events occur independently of a user session, typically, outside of a browser or mobile app. These could be actions a user takes in another application, offline events such as in-store purchases, or events from other business applications like a CRM or support tool. Out-of-session events do not appear in session playback but can be used to enrich your analysis throughout Fullstory.

What if I don’t want to wait until the next cycle to continue capturing server events?

Additional server events requests are available to purchase for Enterprise & Advanced plans only. Simply reach out to your Account Executive or click ‘Adjust Plan’ in Settings > Subscription to request additional events.

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