Sending custom page data to Fullstory

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Please see Fullstory's developer documentation for more detailed API information:

With the FS.setVars API, you can send your own custom page names and properties to Fullstory. This allows you to:

  • Search for events using your own page properties instead of URLs 
  • Display custom page properties in metrics, funnels, and dashboards
  • Align page properties in Fullstory with other systems, like your CDP or Tealium

Using Custom Page Data in Fullstory

After you send custom page data to Fullstory, you can search for events that happen on a page using dependent criteria.


To control which properties are visible in Search, Admin or Architect users can archive custom page fields under Settings > Data Management > Properties.




Are there other ways to pass custom page data to Fullstory?

Yes. The Fullstory API is one way to pass custom page data to Fullstory. You can also send custom page data using Data Layer Capture or an out-of-the-box integration with a CDP like Tealium.

Will custom page data be visible in Page Insights?

Yes, Pages set via the API will show up in Page Insights just like Pages defined within Settings > Data Management > Pages.

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