Setting custom API properties

There are several ways to set custom data in Fullstory. Each of them can take a unique set of properties. For instance, a custom field is one that you define that Fullstory saves, displays, and that can be used in search.

More details about custom properties can be found on the Fullstory Developer Guide:
Custom properties for users and events can be captured via the Server API, Browser API, or Mobile APIs.

Note: Server and Browser API custom data properties no longer require type suffixes, but Mobile APIs still require them. More information about type suffixes can be found here.

All of the fields you capture will be visible in the Fullstory UI using the Event Scope drop down, as well as in Settings > Data Management > Properties. Additionally, you have the ability to see what API events are connected to specific properties in the Connections column.


Learn more about common troubleshooting tips for custom user data.


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