Using the Fullstory API to control data capture

Please see Fullstory's developer documentation for more detailed API information:

The Fullstory JavaScript API contains two methods which can be used to “shutdown” and “restart” capture. Either can be called immediately after the Fullstory data capture snippet is executed.

The shutdown API stops capturing the current page immediately, but has no other effect. If ”shutdown” is called immediately after the snippet is executed, data capture won't start (and a new page won't be created) until the start or restart API is called.

The start or restart APIs will start up again, with a new page, meaning, while it doesn't refresh the window, it starts capturing again as though it were a new page.

Both APIs are idempotent, meaning that they will quietly do nothing if you call it multiple times. For example, if you call ”shutdown” when Fullstory is not currently capturing, it will simply do nothing.

Lastly, it is important to note that using ”shutdown” and ”restart” without a 30 minute inactivity period will not cause a new session in Fullstory.

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