Can I pass additional data points into Fullstory?

Yes! And it's pretty easy to do. Adding custom properties to data capture opens up entirely new ways to search and analyze captured sessions. Imagine being able to answer — in seconds — questions like "How many of our freemium users asked for technical support?" You can do that easily with custom properties using our API.

Get the full details on our APIs to identify users, set user properties, and track events in our developer documentation.

Identifying Users & Custom Data

Use the Fullstory JavaScript API to blend your own application-specific data into the user sessions that Fullstory automatically captures.

With the JS API, you can...

  • Identify users by an id that is meaningful to your application database.
  • Give users nice display names like Daniel Falko rather than boring ones like User 41325.
  • Search on customer attributes. Suppose your app offers three pricing tiers: Freemium, Basic and Pro. You could capture each user's plan in a custom field and then use pricing plans as a search criterion to answer segment-oriented questions such as, What percentage of our freemium users asked for technical support?
  • Search on events that happened in each session. Pass in custom information about "Order Completed", and then run searches like "Show me sessions where someone completed an order with value >$100".

You can capture any piece of custom data you wish that helps you filter and organize your users. The optional code snippet is found by clicking on Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Fullstory Setup.

  • Identify — supports the passing of a unique identifier like application ID (optional), email address and an optional “friendly” display name.
  • Set user properties — supports the passing of any field value pairs into the system, making that data available for indexing and search.
  • Tracking custom event — supports the passing of event information with nested properties, making that data available for indexing and search.

Already passing over custom data? Learn more about how to search on custom user data.

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