What do “Device = Unknown” and "Device = Robot" mean?

Fullstory determines Device type using information stored in the User-Agent string. If this string contains a value we don't recognize or doesn't match typical device reporting patterns, you may see the Device type "Unknown" in Fullstory. 

If you see a session with the Device type of “Robot”, this means that Fullstory identified the User-Agent string as a bot (see list below). 


Robot traffic often comes from search engine crawlers, but your organization might also be using programmed monitoring services to ensure great uptime and catch user experience issues. You may find it useful to watch sessions from bots to understand exactly how they interact with and consume resources on your site. 

Once you have a sense for how they’re behaving, you may wish to exclude those bots by IP or User-Agent.

User-Agent tokens

Fullstory associates certain tokens within the User-Agent string with bots. You can automatically block these popular bots under Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Data Capture in your account, under the Block User-Agents section



If you feel like a popular bot is missing from this list, please contact us to let us know! 


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