Can I delete sessions?

If you become aware that sensitive data has been captured in your FullStory account, follow the process outlined in this article: What to do if sensitive data has been captured

It's possible to delete individual sessions and associated Product analytics data, all information associated with a specific user, or all sessions and associated Product analytics data within a specific window from your FullStory data.

Note: Deleting sessions will not free up session quota. If you'd like to discuss options for upgrading to a plan that includes a higher session limit, please reach out to your Account Executive or contact our Support team here for assistance.

Additionally, once a session falls out of your Session replay retention window, it will be purged from your data and will be non-recoverable. Session replay retention deletions are processed on a rolling basis based on:

  • The date of session capture
  • Your Session replay retention period, which is listed in the Subscription tab of your Settings page
Note: If your account was created before April 30, 2020, you may experience up to a 30-day buffer in your Session replay retention window.

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