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Fullstory uses Google Cloud Platform data centers to process and store data. The default data center for all customers is located in the US.  As of August 2022, Fullstory also has a data center in the European Union (“EU”).  Customers now have the option to designate the location of the data center that supports their Fullstory account.    

Please note that if you want to use our EU data center, some of the information that we collect will be transferred to, and stored at, a location outside of your jurisdiction, including outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom. More details can be found in Section 1, Exhibit B, and Section 10 of our DPA.

Fullstory accounts hosted on different data centers are completely independent, do not share data, and are hosted on separate domains. 

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It’s important to note that neither the GDPR, nor any other privacy laws in the EU, require that data be stored or processed in the EU.
Fullstory complies with GDPR regardless of where data is stored! However, we recognize that some customers have a strong preference towards European data residency, and are happy to be able to make that option available upon request. Please see our Privacy Policy and Security Overview, for more information about how we safeguard, process and store your data.


My legal team wants more details about European data residency. Where can they get more information?

Sounds like you’ll want to send them Fullstory’s Data Processing Agreement. EU data residency is covered specifically in Section 1, Exhibit B, and Section 10.  You can also send them Fullstory’s Privacy Policy.

I’m an existing customer. Can I migrate my instance of Fullstory from NA1 to EU1?

There is currently no migration path to transfer data from an account on one data center to another. Existing customers who wish to relocate to a new data center must start a new account on that data center.

Can I have multiple accounts using multiple data centers?

No problem! However, you should know that accounts in multiple data centers can not be managed through our Umbrella Management capabilities

Does the location of my end user have any impact on which data center is

No. Data residency is fully based on the data center associated with your account. For example, even if you are a US company that chooses to leverage EU data residency, data captured from anywhere in the world will reside in the EU1 data center.

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