IP Address & Geolocation

IP addresses for sessions are both visible and searchable inside of FullStory. IP addresses are used to surface geolocation data in FullStory. This geolocation data allows users to segment for sessions by country, state or city. Geolocation data is only so accurate, and is less precise the more granular you attempt to get. This means something like country or state is fairly accurate, but city is less so.


IP Address and Privacy

At FullStory, we understand that end-user privacy is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we offer flexibility around the storage of IP addresses in FullStory. IP addresses are currently collected by default but can be discarded if your business would like to do so. 

Other location data (like country or state) remains visible even when IP address are being discarded.

Discarding IP Address

If you no longer wish to view or search on IP addresses in FullStory, simply navigate to Settings > Privacy and toggle "Discard user IP addresses" On.


Once this feature has been enabled, IP addresses for new sessions will not be visible or searchable inside of FullStory. This setting is not retroactive, so if you have already recorded some IP addresses, they will continue to be searchable until the session exceeds your plan's data retention period and has been deleted. 

NOTE: FullStory may temporarily store IP addresses while sessions are being processed, but will actively discard them once sessions are completely processed (always within 30 days of capture).

Discarding Location Data

There is currently no way to discard location data like country, state or city from FullStory. We understand that additional flexibility here could be useful and are exploring ways to improve this functionality for our customers.


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