Does Fullstory capture the specific browser version used during a session?

Yes! With Fullstory, you can identify sessions where users are using a specific browser version. This information is helpful in understanding:

  • Level of engagement by browser version
  • Potential bugs related to a specific browser version

To identify these sessions, start by building a search with “Any activity” or change the drop down to a particular event you’re interested in tracking. Then, add “Browser version” as a dependent criteria to find sessions with a specific browser version.


Browser version is stored as a string value which allows you the option to search by a range rather than a specific number. In the example below, the search will yield sessions where users are using any version of Chrome above 91.


You can also track browser version trends using metrics and dashboards. The example below shows a dimension card with a dependent criteria set to “Browser” is “Safari” and the group by is by “Browser version”. The results show the breakdown of usage by browser version across users using the Safari browser. 


The browser version is also available when you're viewing a session playback. You'll see information about the browser and operating system that the session was captured on.


If you click on the browser and operating system, you'll be able to view the full user-agent string, which you can then paste into a user-agent string parser available online (such as to identify which browser and version this user was captured on. 


When creating a dimension card, an Unknown value was returned. Is this a valid result?

Yes! In the case of dimensioning by browser version, the value may return Unknown as a valid result because it captures the instances where the User Agent was unavailable or contains unknown fragments.

Can I search on browser versions with more than four parts?

Browser versions with more than four parts are trimmed down to show only up to the fourth level. For versions with more than four parts, you can still find the entire number by looking into the user-agent string. 

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