FS.getCurrentSessionURL - Retrieving a session URL at time of data capture

This is the encouraged way to integrate with external tools. It allows you to retrieve a URL for the current FullStory session in your client side JavaScript. If you prefer to construct your FullStory session URLs manually, you can also fetch just the IDs for the current session via a variant of this API FS.getCurrentSession(). These URLs are of course authenticated, and accessible only to you. Additionally, the identifiers are opaque, so they need not be kept under lock and key.

Both of these should only be called after the session has started capturing data. You can do this by placing your calls to FS.getCurrentSessionURL() or FS.getCurrentSession() within the _fs_ready callback, which gets called after FullStory has allocated an identifier for the current session.

window['_fs_ready'] = function() {
 var sessionUrl = FS.getCurrentSessionURL();
 // Do stuff with session URL...

FS.getCurrentSessionURL() also accepts an optional, boolean now parameter that causes the resulting URL to link directly to the current moment within the session:

window['_fs_ready'] = function() {
 var sessionUrlAtTime = FS.getCurrentSessionURL(true);
 // The above URL will take you to the current time within the session

How to retrieve a session URL at the time of data capture (mobile)

Here are a few resources for retrieving session URLs at the time of data capture for mobile:

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