FS.log - Sending console errors silently

Using FullStory, you can see the messages in the user's browser console upon playback.

FS.log() provides you a way to send messages to FullStory silently, without adding noise to the user's javascript console. 

For example, here's a call to FS.log(). Note how the browser does not echo the text in its own console log.


And here's how it shows up in FullStory:


To mark messages as errors or warnings, you'll need an additional argument, like this:

FS.log('error', msg)

Other things you can use for the first argument are 'log', 'info', 'warn', and 'debug'. If there's only one argument `msg`, it's interpreted as
`FS.log('log', msg)`.

This will allow you to search for Error Clicks and pages with large numbers of console errors or warnings:


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