Tracking Error Clicks using FullStory for Mobile Apps

If you're using FullStory for Mobile Apps, there are a few steps you must take to track Error Clicks for your mobile application. 

FullStory for Mobile Apps is available as an add-on for FullStory Business and Enterprise plans. As a result, this add-on is not available on FullStory Free or the FullStory Business trial. Please contact your Account Executive or reach out to our Support team here to learn more.

Tracking Error Clicks for iOS Applications

To track error clicks for your iOS application, log errors using:

In Objective-C

+[FS logWithLevel:message:] or +[FS logwithLevel:format:]

In Swift


To mark the message as an error, add the 'error' argument like this:

In Objective-C

[FS logWithLevel:FSEventLogLevelError message:@"..."]

In Swift

FS.log(with: .error, message: "..."

Learn more about FS.log() here.

Tracking Error Clicks for Android Applications

You have two options for tracking error clicks for Android applications: update your logcatLevel configuration settings, or log errors using FS.log()

Option 1: update your logcatLevel configuration settings

By default, FullStory disables logging logcat messages, which capture frustration signals like rage clicks, error clicks, and dead clicks. To change this behavior and record frustration signals, update yourlogcatLevel configuration settings. Find more information in Getting Started with Android Recording

Option 2: log errors using FS.log() 

If you prefer not to update your logcatLevel settings, you can also log errors using FS.log(). To mark the message as an error, add the 'error' argument like this: FS.log('error',msg) 

Learn more about FS.log here










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