Does Fullstory work with native mobile apps?

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Fullstory for Mobile Apps

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Yes. Fullstory for Mobile Apps—with Private by Default technology—is available as an add-on to the Fullstory platform and is compatible with applications on Android and iOS.

See our Fullstory for Mobile Apps section for more details.

About Fullstory for Mobile Apps

Fullstory for Mobile Apps includes and requires Private by Default technology that empowers product teams to debug experiences on native mobile applications while proactively respecting end-user privacy. Session replay for mobile apps isn't a screen recording and Fullstory never captures screenshots from an end-user's device. Similar to Fullstory for the web, where session replay represents a re-creation of a digital experience based on captured changes in the DOM, Fullstory's session replay for mobile apps is based on drawing operations, where text, images, and personal data are masked at the source by default, such that masked data never leaves a user's device.

Interested in using Fullstory to understand and debug mobile app experiences? Request a demo or contact us to learn how to add Fullstory for Mobile Apps to your current account plan.

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