Who can use this feature?
- Access one space with an Advanced, Business, or Free plan. Create multiple spaces with an Enterprise plan.
- Admins and architects can create, rename, and delete spaces. Standard users can view and manage the objects within a space. Explorers can view spaces, but cannot manage objects within them.

Spaces help you organize your Fullstory objects, collaborate with colleagues, and focus on the data that matters most. 

This article is Part 1 of 3 in our series on Spaces:

The relationship between objects and spaces

An object is a Fullstory analysis. This includes segments, funnels, metrics, dashboards, journeys, retention analyses, and heatmaps. A space is a collection of objects. 

Every object in Fullstory must be saved to a space. Objects can only be saved to one space; however, they can be added to other spaces for reference. 

Object and space permissions

All objects and spaces are accessible to all users. 

You can hide spaces you don't use from your sidebar by clicking the eye-inactive-16@2x.png icon next to the name of the space. This hides the space from you, not from your entire account. 

Click eye-icon@2x.png Show hidden spaces in the sidebar to reveal spaces you hid. 

The anatomy of a space

CleanShot 2023-11-13 at 10.35.59@2x.png

  1. Click Library in the sidebar to view all objects in your account–regardless of which space they belong to.
  2. Navigate between spaces, create new spaces, and hide spaces in the sidebar.
  3. Learn more about the space you're viewing–is name, description, and users who recently accessed it. 
  4. Toggle between Featured and Library to explore objects in the space.
    • The Library shows all objects saved or added to the space. 
    • Showcase important objects on the Featured tab to make them easily accessible for everyone who views the space. 
  5. In the Featured tab, add sections to organize your featured objects. 

The general space

Your account has one general space that can be edited and renamed but not deleted. This is the default gathering spot for your full organization.

If you are an Enterprise customer whose account was created before November 15, 2023, all existing objects will be saved to your general space. You can set up new spaces and transfer objects using the steps below. 

Set up spaces

Create a new space

Note: Only Admins and Architects on Fullstory Enterprise plans can create new spaces. 

To create a new space, click next to Spaces in the sidebar. Give the space a name, description, and color. Click Save. 

Manage the objects in a space

To start a new analysis from scratch, create a new object and save it to your space. You can create a new object from almost anywhere using search, Create, or buttons. 

To reference an object saved in another space, add an existing object to your space. This conveys interest in an object that other stakeholders manage. It does not change the space that owns the object. 

  • From a space, click Create or and choose Add an existing... 
  • From an object, click the vertical ellipses and choose Add to a space. 

To move an object from its current space to a new one, transfer it. Transferring objects changes the space that owns the object. 

  • From an object, click the vertical ellipses and choose Transfer. 

Feature objects in a space

Feature objects in a space to give them extra visibility on the Featured tab. This emphasizes their importance and makes them easily accessible for collaborators in the space. 

  • From the featured tab, choose the button to feature new or existing objects. 
  • From an object, click the vertical ellipses and choose Add to a space, then choose a section under Feature this item. 
  • From the space library, click the vertical ellipses next to the object and choose Add to featured... 

Then, use sections to organize your featured objects.

  • From the featured tab, click Add sections to build your first sections.
  • On return visits, use the vertical ellipses next to an existing section to create more. 

More resources

Continue to Parts 2 and 3 of this series for more information, and ask questions in the Fullstory Community. 


Can I set up permissions that provide visibility to only specific users?
All objects and spaces are visible to all users. Limiting visibility to specific users is not supported at this time. 

What’s the difference between a space and Home?
Home is a private page meant just for you, whereas Spaces are visible to everyone in your Fullstory account. 

What’s the difference between a space and a dashboard?
Spaces are hubs for groups of people who collaborate, whereas dashboards visualize the results of specific projects or initiatives within those groups. For example, a Retail Product Team’s space may contain several different dashboards to track the results of their Checkout Page A/B test, Loyalty Program Sign-Ups, Add to Cart Errors, and more. 

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