Ways to Organize Spaces

Who can use this feature?
- Access one space with an Advanced, Business, or Free plan. Create multiple spaces with an Enterprise plan.
- Admins and architects can create, rename, and delete spaces. Standard users can view and manage the objects within a space. Explorers can view spaces, but cannot manage objects within them.

This article is Part 3 of 3 in our series on Spaces:

There are many ways to organize your data using spaces. These examples may inspire your organization! 

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4) The sweet spot - a little bit of everything! 

It’s tempting to try and select one perfect model for your organization, but in reality, your users likely collaborate in different ways every day. They align by brand, product, team, project, and region! The sweet spot for many Fullstory customers is to create spaces using a little bit of everything. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Design your spaces with user collaboration in mind, and you’ll discover what works best for your organization.

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Get inspired with example spaces!

Adding data to the Featured Tab on a space surfaces accurate, source-of-truth analyses that everyone, including managers, co-workers, and new hires, can confidently find.

Here are a few examples of how to set up your space featured tab:

State of the Business workspace

The company's primary KPIs to understand the state of the business, what's popular, and recent website errors.

Featured Tab

Section 1: Business Status High Level

  • Dashboard for all analyses tracking the state of the business

Section 2: Weekly Site Activity

  • Metric of total revenue compared week over week
  • Metric of Booking AOV over the past 7 days
  • Metric of Bookings CRV over the past 7 days
  • Metric of new users signed up over the past 7 days
  • Metric trend of weekly active users
  • Metric trend of monthly active users

Section 3: Top Site Errors

  • Metric trend of network errors by status
  • Metric trend of console errors by page

Section 4: Most popular inventory and locations

  • Metric of most successful checkouts grouped by city
  • Metric of most user signups grouped by city
  • Metric of most popular products grouped by text

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Product Department workspace

Space is owned by Product team and tracks department-wide KPIs, new feature releases, weekly engagements with key features, and top errors across the product.

Featured Tab

Section 1: Product KPIs

  • Text card linking out to external reports tracking Product KPIs.
  • Metric trend of Analytics Engagement WoW.

Section 2: New feature release dashboards

  • Dashboards for each new feature released in the past quarter.

Section 3: Feature engagements

  • Dashboard for weekly engagements on key product-defined features (pages). 

Section 4: Top errors and friction

  • Metric trend of top console & network errors in-app
  • Dimensionality card of top user frustrations in-app
  • Link to Frustration Signals dashboard template
  • Session playlist of users with Rage and Dead clicks 

E-commerce workspace

Space is owned by e-commerce product teams and tracks the effectiveness of the purchase funnel.

Featured Tab

Section 1: Conversion and revenue

  • Funnel trend of full-funnel conversion rate by device
  • Metric trend of total revenue 
  • Link to Orders and Revenue Summary dashboard template
  • Link to Purchase Flow Issues dashboard template

Section 2: Top of funnel

  • Funnel trend of Home Page to PDP rate by device
  • Funnel trend of Add to Cart rate by device

Section 3: Checkout

  • Funnel trend of checkout page conversion by device

SEO & Core Web Vitals workspace

Tracking Core Web Vitals' performance that is important for SEO rankings and overall website health.

Featured Tab

Section 1: Core Web Vitals 

  • Metric for Largest Contentful Paint 
  • Metric for First Input Delay
  • Metric for Cumulative Layout Shift 
  • Session Playlist of Slow FCP Pages

Section 2: Additional Web Vitals

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