Is it possible to rate-limit or sample usage data instead of getting everything?

Our credo is to give web teams the most complete picture of their customer experience possible. FullStory's current design and future improvements rely on capturing the entire customer experience.

That being said, there may be times where you wish to exclude certain areas of the customer experience from being captured. Let's look at the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches.

In a "naïve sampling" model, you limit data capture to only a certain % of pages or sessions. You may be used to this approach to sampling in other analytics tools. The problem with this approach in a session replay tool like FullStory is that you end up with a "Swiss cheese effect" whereby sessions have holes in the user experience. You'll see a user visit one isolated page and then completely drop off as they navigate to the next page. This type of sampling greatly limits the value of session replay within FullStory.

If you're looking at ways to limit the number of sessions you capture, FullStory provides a few options that help you restrict data capture with a wide brush:

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