Is it possible to rate-limit or sample with Fullstory?

So that we can provide you with the most complete picture of your digital experience possible, we do not offer any in-app sampling options. Our robust product analytics features and the value of session replay rely on capturing the entire customer experience, or full story, if you will.

Before we dive into a few ways to limit the number of sessions you capture, let’s first discuss some of the downsides of taking a sampling approach when it comes to understanding your digital experience.

Incomplete and unreliable data

The most obvious downside of sampling is that analytics data becomes unreliable. Sure, you could gain some value from high-level reporting, but once you need to drill down to truly understand a specific issue, sampling can (quite literally) poke holes in your reporting. For example, if you are capturing data at a 20% rate, but a bug is only impacting a cohort of users on a specific browser, you may not have enough data to quickly identify the trend.

The value of session replay diminishes

It will often be the session you really need to see that wasn’t captured if you are taking a sampling approach. Digging into logs to report a bug is cumbersome and doesn’t exactly give you an empathetic understanding of the issue your users experienced. Session replay can show you exactly what happened so your engineering team can reproduce issues reliably. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a legal or compliance issue, you'll really wish you had all of the relevant sessions as evidence during litigation. 

Inconsistent support experiences

Sampling limits the ability to dive into customer support tickets by user session, or use GoLive. Session replay gives support teams the real-time ability to troubleshoot with your users and quickly reproduce issues without having to ask for screenshots or reproduction steps from them. When you are not capturing 100% of your sessions, your support team will only be able to provide this level of empathy and quick resolution to your users when a session is available. This can not only cause inconsistencies in your customer experience, but an increased first response time, resolution time, and greater customer effort. 

Alternative solutions 

If you're looking at ways to limit the number of sessions you capture, Fullstory provides a few options that help you restrict data capture with a wide brush:

Please note, if you do decide to implement your own custom sampling logic, Fullstory Support will not be able to assist with any issues you may encounter with said logic. Sampling can prohibit us from capturing sessions to troubleshoot session capture or playback issues and is often the culprit for data discrepancies between Fullstory and other analytics tools. We may need you to remove your sampling logic temporarily to assist with any related issues.

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