Reviewing your customers' mobile experience


How does our mobile shopping experience fare for first time customers?

You've done all the work to convert your great tool into a web app, but how is it really performing in the wild? Use FullStory to quickly see how users navigate through the site on a mobile device and what areas could use improvement. 



  1. Use the default segment Mobile to quickly perform a search for all users where Device type > is > Mobile.


    2. Add additional search criteria to drill into mobile sessions based on the operating system (iOS vs. Android) or to narrow in on only the customers that visited the /checkout page. 


    3. Use FSTV to watch several sessions in succession and you'll quickly see if there are large stumbling blocks that need to be fixed.

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • How many of our mobile users are on tablets vs. phones?
  • Do we have more iOS or Android users?
  • How often do mobile and tablet users visit our Settings page?

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