What browsers are currently supported by FullStory?

We strive to keep our app functioning on the latest, and sometimes not-so-greatest, versions of the most widely-used desktop browsers. Our recording snippet is held to a different set of standards and is built to handle the varied and wild world of your customer's internet experience. 

Browsers supported by the FullStory web application

  • Chrome - Latest stable release

  • Firefox - Latest stable release

  • Safari - Latest stable release

  • Edge - Latest stable release

Browsers supported by FullStory recording snippet


  • Chrome - Version 37.0 or higher

  • Firefox - Version 22.0 or higher

  • Safari - Version 7.0 or higher

  • IE/Edge* - Version 9.0 or higher

*Please note that FullStory is unable to record Internet Explorer when it's operating in Compatibility Mode (also called "Quirks Mode").


  • iOS Safari - 8.0 or higher 

  • Android (Chrome) - 44.0 or higher 

  • Android (Browser) - 40.0 or higher 

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