Can I install the Fullstory script on multiple sites?

Absolutely! There are a few different options you could take when it comes to capturing data across multiple domains in Fullstory which are outlined below:

1. Capture data from all sites into the same account, using segments to differentiate them. For example, you might have a "Site A" segment, which is a saved search of the form Visited URL (host) is, and then another "Site B" segment that filters on another URL host. It's important to note that the same settings would apply to all sites in this case. For example, if you blocked data capture from a certain IP or User Agent, that would apply to all of your sites. 

2. Use a separate account for each website. Each account would be totally independent (billed separately, have different quotas, settings, etc.) although you would still be able to use the same login to access all of them. Depending on your situation this may or may not be logistically simpler. If you'd like to create a new account, please reach out to Support here.

3. Ask your account manager about options for upgrading to an Enterprise plan that includes our Umbrella Management add-on. Our Umbrella feature allows you to manage multiple Fullstory accounts on a single plan and easily reallocate sessions across accounts within the Fullstory UI. You can learn more about this feature here

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