Introduction to Umbrella Management

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Multi-org Management

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Umbrella Manager







The Umbrella Management (aka “Multi-org Management”) capability is designed for FullStory customers who would like to use FullStory to capture data from multiple digital experiences while keeping the session replays and associated quantitative data from those experiences separate. The Umbrella Management feature allows you to manage FullStory user license allocations and session quotas for multiple accounts from one place in FullStory Settings. If you are managing FullStory for multiple clients or digital experiences, Umbrella may be the right feature for you.

Here is a visual example of how Umbrella accounts are structured. Fruit, Inc. has 3 sub accounts (, FruitShoppe Mobile and Fruit, Inc CMS) and an Umbrella Manager who can allocate seats and sessions to each sub account. We'll discuss Umbrella Manager permissions later on in this article.

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How It Works


When Umbrella Management is enabled for your account, you will be able to choose an initial group of users to serve as the Umbrella Managers. 

Umbrella Managers are granted an admin seat on all sub accounts within the umbrella org, which means that they have access to all admin permissions for each sub account under the umbrella. Umbrella Managers can also add accounts, remove accounts, manage which teammates have access to given accounts, allocate sessions and turn data capture on and off for given accounts.

Umbrella Managers can manage user permissions from the Settings > Umbrella > Users page. The Settings > Umbrella > Details page shows summary information about your Umbrella, including how many sessions you have to allocate across the sub accounts, as well as invoice details and historical invoices.

Note: Umbrella Managers, like account admins, have a lot of responsibility. For this reason, we recommend assigning at least two Umbrella Managers to an account.

Allocating Session Quota across Sub Accounts

Sessions can be allocated at any time during the monthly or annual quota usage period. If you have any unallocated sessions, you will see a Remaining Sessions section at the very bottom of the Accounts module on the Settings > Umbrella > Details page. If your account increases its overall session limit, the new sessions will automatically be added to the Remaining Sessions section, and an Umbrella Manager will then need to distribute the new sessions across sub accounts.

To reallocate session quota, simply click on the name of the account you'd like to update the session quota for and then click Save to apply the changes. Keep in mind that you cannot un-allocate or re-allocate sessions once they have been used, and you can never allocate fewer sessions than what your account has already used during the current usage period.

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Creating a New Account

To create a new account, you must first make sure you have at least one unallocated session left under your Umbrella account. From there, click the Add Account button and enter an account name as well as how many sessions you'd like to allocate to this account. Once you click Add, the new account is created and available for you to log into. Each sub account has a unique FullStory data capture script that can be accessed from Settings > Data Capture > FullStory Setup.

Managing Users

Umbrella Managers can manage user permissions from Settings > Umbrella > Users with the following capabilities:

  • Filter and Sort
  • Multi-select users
  • View last active time stamp
  • Edit user permissions

To adjust a user’s permissions, locate them on the Users page and click the vertical ellipsis at the end of the row. From here, you have a few options:

  • Edit: Use this option if you want to change a user role or remove them from an account where they have a seat.
  • Disable on all: Use this option if you wish to temporarily disable login for a user on all of their associated accounts but preserve their account seat.
    • Only Umbrella Managers can re-enable login.
  • Remove from all: Use this option if you want to remove a user from every account where they have a seat.

Umbrella Managers are also able to see teammates’ Last active date, invite new teammates to the account or add new members in bulk.

Creating New Umbrella Managers

To upgrade an existing user's permissions to Umbrella Manager, navigate to Settings > Umbrella > Users, click Edit at the end of the user row and toggle the Umbrella Manager setting on. You can also invite a brand new user to the Umbrella by clicking Invite user from the top of the Settings > Umbrella > Users page.

umbrella mgr toggle.png

Removing an Account from your Umbrella

If you ever need to remove an account from your umbrella, navigate to Settings > Umbrella > Details, click on the name of the account, and click Delete Account. You will then see a confirmation page where you can cancel or confirm the action.

delete umbrella acct (1).png

A few things to take note of when removing an account from your umbrella:

  1. This will put the account in a canceled state. You can still log into the account but no new data will be captured.

  2. If you would like to subscribe the detached account to an individual subscription, please reach out to your Account Executive directly or to our Support team here.

  3. If you would like to permanently delete the account, please reach out to our Support team here for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user has left the organization.  How do I remove them from all sub accounts?

Umbrella Managers can go to Settings > Umbrella > Users, find the teammate whose access they  you want to update, click the vertical ellipsis at the end of the row, and select Remove from all.

How are seats allocated to each individual account under an Umbrella?

All accounts associated with an Umbrella will have the same number of seats available to use, depending on how many seats you purchased. For example, if your Umbrella plan includes 100 seats, this would mean that you could add up to 100 users to each sub account under your Umbrella. 

Additionally, Umbrella Admins will receive automated billing notifications, such as the notice that indicates that the account has run out of available seats. 

How do I rename one of the accounts once I have created it?

When logged into the FullStory account you'd like to be renamed, simply navigate to the Settings > My Profile > About Me page and update the Name field.

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