Introduction to Umbrella Management

Access to the Umbrella feature is dependent on your FullStory plan. Please contact your Account Executive or to learn more.



The Umbrella feature is how you can manage multiple accounts from one screen in FullStory.  If you are managing FullStory for multiple clients or websites, Umbrella may be the right feature for you.


How It Works


When Umbrella is enabled for your account, you will be able to choose one user as the Umbrella Manager.  This user will have access to the Umbrella page within Settings.  From this page, the Umbrella Manager will be able to perform different tasks including: allocating a pooled bucket of sessions and seats to different accounts on the umbrella, creating a new account, and managing which teammates have access to which accounts.

The top box of the Umbrella page, contains all the plan information about your Umbrella, i.e. how big is your seats/sessions bucket that you can allocate to different accounts, the price you pay for all of your accounts, and the name of your umbrella entity.

Allocating Quota and Seats:

Quota and seats can be allocated at any time during the month.  There is no need to set your quota ahead of time and then be stuck with it.  Simply click into the Sessions or Seats box for any of your accounts to adjust the allocation up or down.  The amount of unallocated Seats/Sessions will appear in grey at the top of the table.  Remember to click the blue ‘Save’ button on the right hand side, or else your edits will be lost.

A few things to remember when allocating seats and sessions:  

  1. For Seats, the number in the table represents the number of allocated seats not necessarily the number of used seats.

  2. Umbrella Managers will automatically get a seat on every account created.

  1. You can never allocate fewer sessions that what has currently been recorded or fewer seats than there are users on the account. 




Creating a New Account

To create a new account, you must first make sure you have at least one unallocated seat and one unallocated session (although we recommend recording more that one!)  Then you can click the blue “Add Account” button. It will ask for a name and initial Quota and Seats allocation.  Once you click “Save” the new Account is created and should be available for you to log into.  New accounts will have their own, unique FullStory Snippet for you to apply to the separate website.  


Managing Team Members

Team members that have a seat on one of the accounts in your Umbrella can be managed at the bottom of the Umbrella page.  (Note: if someone does not already have a seat on one of the accounts, please see FAQ’s below).  By clicking on the value in the Membership & Role column, you will have the option to assign a seat type for each user for each account. 

You can also make that user an Umbrella Manager for all the accounts in your umbrella. Please note that they will then be given a seat on every account in your umbrella.  If you do not have an open seat on each account, the transaction will fail.

Removing an Account from your Umbrella

You may want to remove an account from your umbrella for several reasons.  Maybe the account is no longer needed or maybe you have a client that wants to take their FullStory account with them after an engagement.  Whatever the case, you can click on the three dots on the right hand side of the Accounts box and then click “Cancel account”.  You will then see a confirmation page where you can cancel or confirm the action.

A few things to take note of when cancelling an account:

  1. This will put the account in a cancelled state. You can still log into the account but recording will be shut off.

  2. If you would like to subscribe the detached account to an individual plan, contact FullStory support. You can never allocate fewer sessions that what has currently been recorded or fewer seats than there are users on the account. 
  1. If you would like to permanently delete the account, you can submit a request to FullStory support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a teammate to an account on my Umbrella if they aren't already a member?

For users that aren't already a member of an Account under your Umbrella, you'll need to invite them under the Team Settings page in Settings.  This will send them an email to accept the invitation.  Once they have accepted this invitation to one of your Umbrella accounts, the Umbrella Manager will be able to add them to any Umbrella Account.

How do I remove a teammate from all accounts on my Umbrella?

To remove a teammate from all accounts, you need to go to the Team Settings page in Settings.  We first recommend removing the teammate on the Umbrella page from all accounts but one.  After saving, you can then go to the Team Settings page of the the last account the user is a member of, and delete the user there.  Once refreshed, that user will no longer show up on your Umbrella page, and you would need to re-invite them from the Team Settings page (see above) if you want them back.



How do I rename one of the accounts once I have created it?

You can rename accounts in under the Profile tab in Settings.  Make sure you are logged to the account you would like to change the name of.




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